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Orthodox Depot is the first and only multi-seller marketplace for Orthodox sellers to list their products while being a one-stop-shop for Orthodox Christians and parishes.

Orthodox Depot utilizes the most intuitive software for a seamless fulfillment process for our sellers, integrating with most existing merchant software. Orthodox Depot does not look to replace a sellers’ customer base, but rather supplement and expand their reach through Orthodox Depot’s growing social media presence and email marketing strategies. We are offering an introductory selling plan at absolutely no cost for a limited time, so that means vendors are only charged 15% referral commission and a transaction charge for each order. This commission helps cover basic expenses for running our platform, including marketing, hosting fees, software costs, maintenance, and other miscellaneous costs.

Listing on Orthodox Depot is simple and straightforward. Prices and shipping costs are edited simply for each product by the seller themselves. Once you’ve listed your items on Orthodox Depot’s marketplace, customers will be able to purchase your items and their orders will be visible from your dashboard. Orthodox Depot handles all payments including fees and other costs. For more information, you may visit our Seller Policy page.

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