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Orthodox Icons

Hand painted Orthodox icons in the Byzantine Orthodox style, available on wood, metal, and paper prints.


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Shop Orthodox Icons, enjoy the spiritual and artistic beauty of these sacred works of art come to life. Each Orthodox Icon is a testament to faith, devotion, and the rich traditions of the Orthodox Christian faith. Explore our diverse selection and discover the profound significance of these timeless masterpieces.

Overview of Orthodox Icons:

Orthodox Icons have a long and storied history within the Orthodox Christian tradition. These sacred images serve as windows into the divine and provide a tangible connection to the saints, biblical events, and the life of Christ. With their rich symbolism and intricate artistry, Orthodox Icons invite believers to contemplate and deepen their spiritual journey.

Traditional Orthodox Icons:

Step into the world of tradition with our collection of traditional Orthodox Icons. Each icon tells a unique story, depicting saints, biblical scenes, and religious events. From the beloved Greek Orthodox Icons to the iconic Russian Orthodox Icons, immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and spirituality they represent.

Iconography Styles:

Explore the distinct styles of iconography within the Orthodox tradition. The Byzantine style showcases majestic figures and symbolic patterns, while the Russian style captivates with its intricate details and vibrant colors. Greek iconography embraces a harmonious blend of realism and spiritual depth. Each style brings its own unique expression of devotion and artistic expression.

Icon Sizes and Materials:

Our collection offers a range of sizes to suit individual preferences and devotional needs. From small portable icons to larger statement pieces, you can find the perfect size for your home or prayer corner. The icons are meticulously crafted using traditional materials such as wood, paint, and gold leaf, ensuring their durability and authenticity.

Icon Sets and Collections:

Discover curated sets and collections of Orthodox Icons that are thoughtfully grouped based on themes, saints, or liturgical significance. These sets offer a cohesive representation of a particular aspect of Orthodox spirituality or historical events. They make excellent additions to personal devotional spaces or meaningful gifts for loved ones.

Icon Care and Display:

Proper care and display are essential to preserve the beauty and integrity of Orthodox Icons. We provide guidelines and recommendations on how to handle, clean, and store your icons. Displaying them in an icon corner, a dedicated sacred space within your home, allows for focused prayer and contemplation.

Orthodox Icons for Sale:

We offer a wide selection of Orthodox Icons for sale, allowing you to bring the spiritual presence of these sacred images into your life. Each icon is meticulously crafted and sourced from reputable iconographers who adhere to the highest standards of artistic and spiritual integrity.

Our collection of Orthodox Icons invites you to embark on a spiritual journey through art, faith, and devotion. Each icon is a testament to the profound beauty and depth of the Orthodox Christian tradition. Explore our collection and embrace the transformative power of these sacred icons in your own spiritual practice.


What are Orthodox Icons?

Orthodox Icons are sacred images that hold deep spiritual significance in the Orthodox Christian tradition. They depict saints, biblical events, and scenes from the life of Christ, serving as visual representations of the divine.

What is the purpose of Orthodox Icons?

Orthodox Icons serve as aids to worship, meditation, and prayer. They have not worshiped themselves but are venerated as windows to the divine, connecting believers to the heavenly realm and inspiring devotion.

Are all Orthodox Icons the same?

No, Orthodox Icons come in various styles and depict different saints and events. Styles include Byzantine, Russian, and Greek iconography, each with its own distinctive characteristics and symbolism. The choice of icons depends on personal devotion and cultural traditions.

What materials are used to create Orthodox Icons?

Orthodox Icons are traditionally created using materials such as wood, natural pigments, gold leaf, and egg tempera. These materials are chosen for their durability, symbolism, and ability to withstand the test of time.

Can I purchase Orthodox Icons from your collection?

Yes, our collection offers a diverse range of Orthodox Icons for sale. Each icon is carefully sourced from skilled iconographers who uphold the traditions and spiritual significance of these sacred images.

How should I care for and display my Orthodox Icons?

Orthodox Icons should be treated with reverence and care. They should be displayed in an appropriate location, such as an icon corner or a dedicated prayer space, away from excessive sunlight or humidity. Regular dusting and gentle cleaning with a soft cloth are recommended to maintain their beauty.