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Premium Athonite Incense by Axios

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In the Orthodox tradition, incense holds a sacred place, enriching weekly prayers, church services, namesday celebrations, and memorial services. Transform your sacred space with the best smelling incense for church and religious ceremonies. Experience the divine connection that comes with our religious incense, enhancing your spiritual journey with every fragrant offering.
  • Premium incense imported from Greece handmade in the Athonite style.
  • In addition to the weekly prayer at homes, incense is used at Orthodox church services, on namesdays, memorial services and other Orthodox celebrations.
  • We should use incense as a form of prayer and gratitude twice a day: in the morning for a peaceful day ahead and in the evening for a peaceful sleep.
  • Parishes consistently require incense - consider gifting a box of incense to your parish.
  • Available in convenient 1 oz. containers (28 grams) and 1 pound boxes (454 grams)
  • Handmade in Greece
  • Ships promptly from the U.S. 
  • International shipping available 

SpikenardIn the Old Testament, perfumes and oils were used to prepare a body for burial, which was why the act of anointing Jesus' head with spikenard prior to His crucifixion was highly symbolic.

Myrrh - In Matthew 2:11, myrrh is brought by the Wise men of the East as an offering to the infant Saviour. 

Customer Reviews

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Chris Williams

Premium Athonite Incense by Axios

Mark Coyle
Scent and burn

It has a wonderful scent and it burns slow, making it last longer

Timothy Miralles
Great Product

Amazing incense.

desert believer
Scent of Heaven

Marvelous air within which to pray

Judy Vonzuben

Wonderfully peaceful romantic and not over powering